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Used Chevrolet for Sale in Montclair, CA


One of the biggest “buy here, pay here” dealerships in town, CARWORLD doubles down with quantity and quality: Our many makes and models, highlighted by our used Chevrolets, include some of the best used cars for sale in Montclair. And just because we’re a big dealership doesn’t mean you won’t get personalized attention. Because we’re family-owned — and have been since we opened back in the 1980s — we know how to give you family-style treatment with customer service that will keep you coming back to buy from us again and again.

We proudly invite you to enjoy the CARWORLD shopping experience today, whether you’re from Montclair, the Los Angeles area, the Inland Empire, or beyond!


Chevrolet’s award-winning cars, trucks, and SUVs undoubtedly offer impressive value compared to the usual used cars for sale in Montclair. We then build on that strong foundation to take great deals to the next level. As our motto says, CARWORLD discounts prices, not quality. A case in point: Even with our fair and transparent prices, all of our used cars come with free warranties. Yet what really sets us apart from the typical dealership is our commitment to easy credit. Another core CARWORLD principle is that if we can’t finance you, no one can.

How can we be so sure we can get you a loan? CARWORLD can act as its own bank, allowing us to make our own decisions on who deserves a loan. For example, we can finance you if you have bad credit, no credit, past repos/bankruptcies, or current cash/SSI income. We can even arrange credit if you plan on driving your used car for Lyft or Uber. (Plus, once you get pre-approved with our secure online credit application, we’ll pay up to $50 toward your Uber trip to get here.)

CARWORLD can also work with one of our trusted outside lenders if that’s a better fit for your specific situation.

Bring along your current used car, and we can give you top dollar both for trade-ins and for outright purchases that don’t require you to buy from us. In fact, we guarantee we’ll pay you at least $1,000 for any used car you can push, pull, or drag into us (please see us for details).

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Many of the used cars for sale in Montclair deliver first-class amenities for better modern-day driving — and used Chevrolets are no different. The brand’s used trucks, SUVs, and cars can check the boxes for important benefits that today’s buyers love. Sophisticated safety measures? Check. Quick connectivity? Check. High-end creature comforts? Check again! Just keep in mind that the simplest way to explore the brand’s advantage is to check them out for yourself. (Please note that exact features can vary by model and year.)

  • A long list of advanced driver-assistance systems is available for used Chevrolets, led by automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, blind-spot monitoring, forward collision warning, rear cross-traffic alert, pedestrian detection, large head-up displays, camera-based digital rearview mirrors, and more.
  • For assistance with towing, used Chevrolet trucks and SUVs can showcase high-tech, camera-based trailering systems that can display up to 15 different views — including one where your trailer is digitally removed for a clearer view behind you.
  • Chevrolet infotainment systems can be like mobile command posts that help you master your busy days with large touchscreens, wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, WiFi compatibility, Bluetooth, wireless charging, full-color navigation, Bose sound systems, and dual-screen rear media systems.
  • Leather heated/ventilated seats, heated power steering wheels, hands-free liftgates, panoramic sunroofs, digital instrument panels, and signature LED lighting are some of the Bowtie brand’s best-loved luxury options.


Leveraging our decades of local experience, CARWORLD specializes in meeting the unique needs of area drivers with an extensive inventory. It’s among the largest collections of used cars for sale in Montclair, but that’s only the beginning. We also have a store in Hawthorne with its own separate stock of top-notch used cars. Together, they double your chances of finding a used Chevrolet that will delight you for years to come.

  • As tough as they are technologically advanced, Chevrolet Silverado full-size and heavy-duty trucks are also packed with strength and style. In addition, they come in a wide variety of configurations to match the demands of an equally wide span of customers. You can choose between different cab styles, bed lengths, powerplants, and incredible features that include the exclusive MultiFlex tailgate.
  • The Chevrolet Colorado is a midsize truck that makes the most of its maneuverability both on the road and off. Eager for action, the Colorado can also be found in multiple configurations to meet the preferences of more owners.
  • The full-size Chevrolet Tahoe SUV, along with the extended-length Chevrolet Suburban model, each have truck-style frames for tremendous trail-riding and towing capability.
  • Everyday capability and a lot more come standard in used Chevy SUVs like the Chevrolet Trax, Equinox, Blazer, Trailblazer, and three-row Traverse. These stylish machines stand out for their style, versatility, and adventure-friendly spirit.
  • America’s homegrown supercar, the Chevrolet Corvette, can run with the world’s best thanks to its racing-inspired performance and remarkably dramatic design. Next-generation used Corvettes are now available in the pre-owned marketplace as well with exotic mid-engine setups that can still be paired with removable roof panels or power-retractable soft tops.
  • The Chevrolet Camaro is a modern-day muscle car with the same kind of commitment to open-air thrills as the Corvette. But don’t worry, the Camaro’s coupe and convertible body styles can both be a blast to drive, especially when motivated by the available 650-hp supercharged V8 engine in the ZL1 trims.
  • One of the most affordable used EVs for sale in Montclair, the Chevrolet Bolt boasts an all-electric driving range of nearly 259 miles on a single charge.
  • The Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid vies for your attention with both a substantial all-electric driving range and an onboard gas engine that can extend your driving for hundreds of more miles.
  • Used Chevrolet sedans and hatchbacks can be smart buys for shoppers who don’t want a truck or SUV.


Co-founded by a Swiss-born racecar driver and engineer — Louis Chevrolet — the brand that bears his name owes much of its success to someone else. William C. Durant had helped launch General Motors in 1908 but was fired soon after and teamed with Chevrolet to get back in the auto business. Durant eventually wrested away full control of the Chevrolet Motor Company, which he took with him when he rejoined GM for a second stint in 1917.

Durant’s second go-round as GM’s leader went about as well as the first, and Alfred Sloan took the reins in 1923 — when he set up a sort of ladder of brands that led off with Chevrolet as the company’s mass-market, high-volume player. As a result, the Chevrolet International became the best-selling car in the country in 1929. The following decades saw a steady string of now-classic Chevrolets debut, including the Suburban in the 1930s, the Corvette in the 1950s, the Camaro in the 1960s, the Monte Carlo in the 1970s, and the Silverado at the end of the 1990s. Today, Chevrolet is a top automaker for the 21st century, too!

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