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Used Hyundai for Sale in Montclair


Accommodating our customers’ needs is our top priority at CARWORLD, which helps explain why folks from throughout the Inland Empire, the Los Angeles area, and even farther away all come to our dealership. Of course, you can also start your shopping process at our virtual showroom, and rest assured: You’ll enjoy fantastic treatment either way. Plus, our inventory is pretty impressive as well.

CARWORLD is proud to offer some of the best used cars for sale in Montclair, including domestic and foreign trucks and SUVs that are in especially high demand in today’s market. That’s part of what makes the Hyundai brand a great starting place. Used Hyundais are available in various models and price points, so they can be excellent choices for many different kinds of drivers.

It’s no wonder CARWORLD has become one of the largest “buy here, pay here” auto dealerships around!


In fact, a prime example of CARWORLD’s customer focus is the way we’ve specifically tailored our business model to meet the unique demands of the “buy here, pay here” auto shoppers.

Just consider our approach to financing: CARWORLD has the resources to act as its own bank and carry our own contracts, allowing us to live up to our goal of providing financing for everyone. As a result, we can offer smart loans terms even if you have bad or no credit, a previous bankruptcy or repossession, cash or SSI income, or plans to use your ride working for Uber or Lyft. CARWORLD can also turn to its highly regarded network of outside lenders when that’s a better financial fit for our customers.

Getting pre-approved is a breeze using our secure online credit app. After that, we’ll actually pay for a free Uber ride to our store if you’re within 50 miles of our conveniently located facility on Holt Blvd.

Now, in many cases, we know you’ll prefer driving in with your current car and trading it in on your next one. In that case, CARWORLD will give you at least $1,000 on any car you can drive, push, tow, or pull into our lot (please see us for all the details). But we’ll do the same if you don’t buy from us, too!

To help seal the deal, CARWORLD is committed to supplying the highest-quality used cars for sale in Montclair — and we back that up with free warranties on all models.

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CARWORLD then combines quality with quantity — at least in terms of how many premium features you’ll typically see in our used rides. After all, our inventory showcases many of the best-equipped used cars for sale in Montclair, often including bold selections from the Hyundai brand. For instance, quite a few used Hyundais have sophisticated safety measures on board to help keep you out of harm’s way, and the brand’s digital benefits further extend to its comprehensive infotainment systems that can support connections, directions, and concert-level sound systems. To complement that kind of upscale listening experience, you can also find used Hyundais with elegant luxury and comfort upgrades. (Note: Exact features may vary by model and model year, so please ask us if you have any questions.)

  • Exotic luxury cars aren’t the only ones supplying semi-autonomous driving nowadays. Select used Hyundais can do the same with the remarkable Highway Driving Assist, which can take over certain basic vehicle tasks for less stressful travel. (However, no technology is meant to replace the driver’s duty to pay attention behind the wheel.)
  • A rewarding array of individual driver-assistance systems are available in a broader range of used Hyundais. Adaptive cruise control, front/rear automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping, forward collision warning, pedestrian detection, parking sensors, a driver-attention monitor, rear-seat reminders, and safe-exit alert are some of our favorites.
  • Used Hyundais can help you stay connected as you go mobile, thanks to large touchscreens, wireless charging, full-color navigation, wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, voice recognition, and WiFi compatibility.
  • Go ahead and indulge yourself in used Hyundais that can pamper you with heated/ventilated leather seats, heated leather steering wheels, signature LED lighting, massive panoramic sunroofs, hands-free access, quilted leather door panels, head-up displays, digital instrument panels, and Harman Kardon audio systems.
  • Key members of the Hyundai family can satisfy your family with clever advantages like rear-seat quiet mode, cabin intercoms, and rear media systems.
  • Used Hyundais can help you go green with the brand’s hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and EV powertrain technologies.


While there may be a limited supply of used cars for sale in Montclair, CARWORLD isn’t limited to only a single dealership’s worth of choices. In addition to our Montclair store, we have a nearby location in Hawthorne, complete with another lot full of top-notch used cars. This makes finding your favorite used Hyundai even easier — the tough part is picking from so many excellent models!

  • A major player in the world of modern SUVs, Hyundai has an expansive roster of rugged rides to match almost anyone’s preferred path to adventure. The city-sized Hyundai Venue leads off a strong lineup that also includes the compact Hyundai Kona and Hyundai Tucson, the midsize Hyundai Santa, and the three-row Hyundai Palisade. All blend intelligent capability, expressive designs, and modern convenience.
  • If you prefer the most efficient used SUVs for sale in Montclair, you can put the Tucson hybrid/plug-in hybrid, the Santa Fe hybrid/plug-in hybrid, and the Kona Electric EV on your shopping list.
  • The company calls the Hyundai Santa Cruz a Sport Adventure Vehicle, but critics call it one of the most stylish and versatile midsize trucks on the market.
  • Engineered for optimum efficiency without sacrificing comfort or convenience, the Hyundai Ioniq family boasts both the all-electric Ioniq 5 SUV and the Ioniq hatchback trio with hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or EV powertrains.
  • Hyundai hasn’t forgotten about its cars, either. Instead, it has compelling truck and SUV alternatives like the Hyundai Accent, Elantra/Elantra Hybrid, Sonata/Sonata Hybrid, and the exclusive Veloster hatchback with its versatile three-door design.
  • Used Hyundais wearing the N Line badge — such as the revved-up versions of the Elantra, Sonata, and Kona — can be nearly ideal for enthusiasts.


South Korean entrepreneur Chung Ju-Yung first used the Hyundai name — which roughly translates as “modernity” — to launch the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company in 1947. The company began acquiring other business operations over the years, and it evolved into a large conglomerate called a “chaebol” in Korean. And in 1967, Hyundai made a move to expand into the auto industry. Its first cars were modified Ford Cortinas built under license from the Blue Oval. The first car developed in-house by Hyundai was the 1975 Pony, and its successor, the Pony Excel, became the first Hyundai exported to the United States in 1986.

Slow but steady sales growth followed until 1999, when Chung’s son took the reins and put the company into the fast lane. Since then, Hyundai has opened its first of its U.S. auto plants, earned the first of its multiple North American Car of the Year Awards, and launched both its first SUV and a stand-alone luxury brand (Genesis Motors). Now electrifying its lineup to appeal to a new generation of drivers, Hyundai has accomplished its mission and then some!

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